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At Alta Heights we expect students, parents, and our staff to follow four core principles in everything they do at school.

The "Four B's"

1. Be Kind
2. Be Respectful
3. Be Safe
4. Be Responsible


What does this mean? At Alta Heights School we utilize the "Best Behavior" system. This means that we explicitly teach students how we want them to behave in order to keep our campus safe and to build a supportive school community. Students learn about what it looks like, sounds like and feels like when we are all acting in a "safe, kind, respectful and responsible" manner throughout campus.

Positive Behavior Interventions

When students are caught doing the right thing they are awarded "Alta Gator" certificates. Those can be awarded by any staff member on campus at any point throughout the day when a student is on track and exhibiting one of the "Four B's". Those are gathered up by the Principal once per month at the grade level "Gator Gathering" and entered into a weekly drawing. Students love to receive this positive recognition. It goes a long way in supporting good behavior at school. Whole class awards called "Golden Gators" are given when a whole class has earned recognition for their good work.


When students behave in a way that is in conflict with our core values of safety, respect, kindness and responsibility, they will engage in a conversation with the teacher, yard duty supervisor or principal about what went wrong. Our hope for each student is that they will learn from a mistake and begin to understand the impact their actions have on the larger community when they misbehave. When a consequence is deemed necessary, a process known as "Restorative Discipline" may be utilized. An example might be that if a student is vandalizing a bathroom wall, he or she will need to work with the custodian in order to understand and build empathy for the amount of work that his been added to his day when students are not respectful of school property. More severe consequences (including time out or suspension) may be necessary depending on the severity of the infraction, but the goal is for students to learn about the consequences of their actions and not make such a mistake again.